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Innocence- Oil painting on canvas

Within an unjust world, the fragility of innocence stands defenseless against the chorus of a thousand deceitful voices. Yet, it is this very innocence that shines as a precious gem, revered by discerning souls and seldom discovered. This captivating artwork by Jatin Satsangi portrays the essence of the girl child, adorned with innocence, contentment, and a graceful simplicity. With an air of confidence and joy, she traverses the canvas, embodying the purest qualities of youth. Through a harmonious interplay of warm color tones, rich textures of thick oil paints, straightforward expressions portrayed elaborately and with emotions, this painting breathes life. Jatin Satsangi reflects on the lasting strength of innocence in a world filled with deceit. This artwork invites us to pause, to appreciate the ethereal beauty of innocence, and to rekindle the significance it holds within our hearts.

Dimensions: 30 inches (L) x 24 inches (H) x 1.8 inches (D)

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