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Rustic bliss- Oil painting on canvas

Jatin Satsangi draws deep inspiration from rustic charm of village, particularly that of mountain villages. Rustic bliss is a painting that captures the essence of a peaceful Himalayan village scene. The painting depicts a vast serenity in simplicity with rolling hills roof top meadows, a lady wearing a beautiful smile, a street friend, all bathed in warm and golden sunlight. In the foreground are earthy homes decorated with warmth, which speaks about earthly desires of natives, and that is to be blissful. This painting features a rich palette of colors including vivid and muted earthy tones such as green, brown, rust and blue. The scene is dominated by stunning shades of golden sunlight and turquoise blue. The artist's use of expressive brushstrokes, textures, oil colors and emotions, creates an interplay between these elements.

Dimensions: L 60 Inch x H 36 Inch x D 1.5 Inch

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