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Jatin Satsangi is a self-taught artist with over two decades of experience in the art world. Since his childhood, Jatin has been passionate about painting and has honed his skills over the years. While he works full time as a Technology and Product development professional in India, his love for art remains unwavering.

Jatin dedicates himself to nurturing his artistic instincts and creating profound paintings. His artworks seamlessly blend real-life inspirations with imaginative strokes, adding depth and emotion to each piece. Jatin's talent has been showcased in live painting exhibitions and has gained recognition on various online art platforms.

Jatin's artistic style is characterized by the interplay of thick over thin brushstrokes, dynamic color values, and rich textures, giving his works a unique charm. His paintings go beyond visual aesthetics and serve as a platform for his profound expressions and boundless imagination. Each artwork evokes deep emotions and provoke introspection.

Jatin's enigmatic artworks has fascinated art enthusiasts with his intriguing collection of Mystery Myriads, exhibited by Dehaat LLC at 91 Springboards in New Delhi. His artistic talent has garnered international recognition, with his paintings endorsed and sold out overseas through his listings on prominent platforms such as Saatchi Art. Additionally, Jatin is also a featured artist on esteemed online art platforms like Mojarto and Artmo, further establishing his presence in the art world.


Jatin's studio, Nirupa Artworks, is a manifestation of his artistic vision. The name "Nirupa" holds a special meaning as it combines the names of his parents, Neeraj and Rupa. In Sanskrit "Nir" signifies nothingness, while "Rupa" represents form. Together, the name reflects the boundless nature of imagination and creativity, unrestricted by the limitations of shape and form. It serves as a tribute to the inspiration, love and support he received from his parents throughout his artistic journey.

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